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Electrical Re-wires

Down Under Electrical W.A. have completed the rewiring of many Perth homes which were dangerous due to old insulation of the wiring breaking down, causing blow fuses on old porcelain boards, even worse causing fires due to the arching of the wires shorting out.
Electrical Rewires Perth

Did you know that 85% of fires in a home or building are due to old electrical wiring? Our goal is simple, to keep you and your loved ones safe. We will rewire your home and office to bring everything up to Australian standards AS 300.

Perth Rewiring services provided by Down Under Electrical W.A.
At Down Under Electrical W.A , we provide a wide range of rewiring services designed to increase the efficiency and safety of your home.
Our full rewiring service include:
• Earthing system upgrade
• Switchboard upgrade
• Removal and disposal of old wiring and fitting
• Rewiring
• Replacement of light fittings
• Replacement of old power outlets and switches

Don't Ignore the warning signs of why to re-wire your home
• Failed electrical inspections.
• Rewirings are necessary approximately every 20-25 years.
• Insurance requirements.
• Buzzing noises or overheating from electrical sockets.
• Electricity or appliances stop functioning in one (or more) areas of the home.
• Continuous problems such as tripping RCDs or constantly blowing fuses.
• Electrical appliances turning on and off or lights flickering.
• Outdated, black rubber-coated wiring (which can be over 50 years old).